Nutrify: take a photo of food and learn about it.

Note: Nutrify is a work in progress. iOS app coming soon. Sign up for updates.

Try taking or uploading a photo of food and find out its macronutrients.

Predicted food:

Macronutrients per 100g:

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What is Nutrify?

Nutrify's goal is to enable you to take a photo of what you're eating, about to eat or food you see in a store and learn about it.

That could mean calories, nutrients, where the food comes, what it goes with, how long its been around for, where it's native, etc.

A Pokédex for food!

To start, we're keeping it simple. Whole foods only.

For example, a banana or carrot or egg rather than a dish like chicken curry.

Help build

Building the vision models will likely take a fair amount of labelled images of food (currently being sourced).

But if you'd like to help, you can upload an image of food.


See the GitHub for development stages and code.

Watch the live development on Twitch and replays on YouTube.

Questions? Feel free to contact me (Daniel Bourke).